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Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 

Technical Projects

Projects created with an emphasis on showing technical skills and knowledge of various Adobe Creative Cloud applications and other software

ganni 1.jpg

Fruitful Harvest x Ganni

A showcase of technical flats, strike offs, and print design. All prints and garments are original designs created with a sample brand in mind. Each garment is designed with a range of colorways and print options that present a variety of retail options within each piece.

Fashion Tech Apps || Created in Adobe Illustrator

Flat Patterning || CLO3D

A collection of basic garments, slopers, and manipulations in flat patterning completed digitally through the CLO3D software. These garments are able to be walked, graded, adjusted, and manipulated just like real garments without the hassle and waste produced in traditional patternmaking.

Flat Patterning || Created in CLO3D v6.7

Gunawan Tech Pack_Page_3.jpg

Woven Dress Tech Pack

A fully detailed technical package based on a professionally produced woven dress. Featuring a trim sheet, measurements, stitching finishes, and construction details.

Fashion Tech Apps || Created in Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Excel

Library of Flats

Library of flats is exactly what it sounds like. A library containing front/back flats some of the most common basic garments. This collection allows for a number of basic elements used in flats to pull from and modify for future flats.

Fashion Tech Apps || Created in Adobe Illustrator

Flats Library.JPG
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